Hi!  Welcome to Club Encourage!  

If you are looking at this page, that means you are a Church Planter, you are in the application process, or you are curious about the ministry. Well, I'm glad you are here!  Let me tell you a little about the beginning of Club Encourage and then answer some of your questions.

I was a Church Planter for many years.  While my husband was still pastoring the church that God called us to start, God told me to begin a ministry to pray for, encourage, and love on the Church Planter's Wives in our region.  Having been a planter, I understand the church planting roller coaster ride.  I have seen God work in some of the most AMAZING ways, but I also went through some tough times, which many in ministry face.  So in 2015, Club Encourage began as a support system for Church Planters wives. During that time we loved on the wives monthly with small gifts.  Since that time, this ministry has grown to encourage the whole family.

 We pray for you, love on you, encourage you, share in your needs, and make sure you are cared for. You are Not Alone!


  • We send the wives a small gift and a ministry related devotional each month
  • Send your Kids a Birthday Gift
  • Send Birthday Cards to you and your spouse. 
  • Send Occasional Date Gift Cards to allow you to take a break to enjoy your spouse and strengthen your marriage.
  • Send you Occasional Family Surprises


What does Club Encourage do for Church Planters?

Club Encourage is a Support System for the Church Planting Families in the Central Region of PA.  We have built a Team or "CLUB" of men & women all over the country in many different churches that pray for, encourage, and love on the church planters. 

How do I Sign-up for Club Encourage?

You do not need to sign up for Club Encourage.  Once you have completed the church planting application and have passed the assessment, one of our local pastor's wives will set up a time to meet you in person.  We really want to get to know you!  We want to see if there is anything we can do to help you in the church planting process.  And we want to make sure you know that there is another woman on the field that is there for you if you need a listening ear, advice, encouragement or a shoulder to cry on.  

How can our Church Plant be "missionally minded" and encourage other church planters?

Praise God!  That is wonderful that you are training your church from the very beginning to have mission minded heart!  If you start in the beginning, it will become a part of their DNA. And what better way to start than to encourage and minister to other Church Planters in our region. We have three options that you might consider.

1.  Sponsor-A-Month - Your church could pick an available month and provide the monthly gift for the Pastor's wives that month.  Click on the link to see which month is available or email me.  

2. You could purchase Amazon Gift Cards, which could be used to purchase some of the Pastor's Kids Birthday Gifts.

3. Would you consider giving to Club Encourage?  Most Church Planters are required or encouraged to give a percentage of their monthly budget to missions. You can build it into your budget and give yearly.  This donation helps current and future church planting families!

* For additional donation options, please see our Partnership Page

What do the wives say about Club Encourage?

"Hi!  Your package arrived today!  Love it! The bright cheerful color matched the day perfectly!" ~Gini

"Thanks again for these little reminders of love and encouragement!" ~Heather

"Thank you so much again for meeting us yesterday in the pouring rain! The boys had an awesome time (they told everyone about it). And I enjoyed catching up with you!" ~Lindsey

"Thank you so much for the gift. I will use it right away. Happy New Year to you too and thanks for the words of encouragement. I really appreciate it. Knowing that someone is praying, helps me alot! Blessings." ~Helen

"Thank you... for the lovely gift. It smells very nice. God Bless You. Hope to see you soon!"~ Mervat

"Thank you for the cute and comfy shirt. It makes me feel like I am being hugged!" ~Linda

"I just wanted to say, Thank you for the shirt. I really, really love it!  I also really appreciated the note that came with it as well!  Thank you!" ~Joy

What is currently happening for the Planter's Wives

Check out our News Page!

  • You will receive Visits , Phone Calls, and Emails by Julianne or another Pastor's wife
  • We provide a Women's Retreat or "Night Out" so you can meet and fellowship with other Church Planter's Wives
  • We provide a Family Fun Day at a Local Amusement Park
  • And More! 

How do we support your family?